Dare to Compare

Seeing double? Maybe, maybe not.

Go ahead, try them both and see which one works best for you.



  • Reload parts of your page
  • Decrease page load time
  • Decrease development time
  • Prevent "page jumping"
  • GNUV2 License!

What can the SnappyJ do for you?

SnappyJ was developed to take the pain out of developing web pages that asynchronously reload sections of themselves. Performing these types of asynchronous reloads properly and professionally is harder than one might initially expect. The key challenges are:

  • Loading Indication AJAX requests show absolutely no indication to the user that an action is being performed
  • Support for Browser History AJAX requests do not create history entries
  • Error Handling Errors during AJAX requests often require a smaller "error page" than a normal web request.
  • Interactivity Allowing multiple reload-able sections within a single page to interact with each other.

SnappyJ completely eliminates these challenges, making it quick and easy to develop complex application-like web sites.