Starting January 1 2011, I’m releasing Snap-O-Meter under a free SaaS license. It is a great resource initially developed for use in a corporate environment back in 2009. This SaaS reporting solution is designed for everyone from small business to large corporations, providing tons insight into the web applications performance. A must for anyone caring about the speed of their web site. I hope you all find it as useful as I do, and eagerly await comments and criticism alike. Enjoy!

Snap-O-Meter Home

Key Features

  • Install SaaS solution in less than 15 minutes
  • Monitor your visitors from their perspective, providing unmatched performance accuracy
  • Monitor your entire website, ensuring optimum performance of geographic regions, web pages, and servers
  • Break any report into 25% sections based on speed to visualize your visitors’ speed diversity.
  • Create custom visitor segments and run a/b tests with Ad-hoc reports
  • Use out-of-the-box reports to seperate performance geographic regions, web pages, and servers
    Snap-o-Meter is completely free… no strings attached

Main Benefits

  • Web Optimization Without the Guess Work – Run A/B tests when performing web page or server tuning to ensure the success of your optimizations
  • Detect Web Server Issues – Detect “bad” Web Servers, that negatively impact your business
  • Global Delivery Analysis – Analyze global delivery statistics taken from your actual traffic. Measure your CDN’s performance
  • Monitor Every Web Page – Monitor the creation and delivery of every page on your website

WordPress Plugin

I’ve developed a WordPress Plugin, that makes using Snap-O-Meter with your WordPress site simple.