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Preloading JavaScript, CSS, Images, and other Content

Preloading images is a web optimization technique that has been around for years. Predominately this has been used to load images that aren’t visible when a web page is initially loaded, but become visible after some sort of visitor interaction, such as hovering over a menu. Preloading the right content under the right circumstances, can…

Snap-O-Meter – Web Performance Monitoring and Reporting released to the world

Starting January 1 2011, I’m releasing Snap-O-Meter under a free SaaS license. It is a great resource initially developed for use in a corporate environment back in 2009. This SaaS reporting solution is designed for everyone from small business to large corporations, providing tons insight into the web applications performance. A must for anyone caring…

Don’t Let Ads, Widgets, and other External JavaScript Slow You Down

Ever heard the expression fight fire with fire. Well, for this web optimization technique, we will be fighting JavaScript with JavaScript. This technique we call postload swapping allows you to load these JavaScript files inside a hidden DIV at the very bottom of your web page, then use JavaScript to swap out the the contents created by document.write calls inside the hidden DIV with contents of a placeholder element where the JavaScript was originally located.

Sharing files with other users in Mac OS X 10.4+

I’ve been wanting to share files between me and my wife’s account on the Mac, but have not been able to do so. I’ve finally found the answer using ACL’s. It’s very easy to do, just follow these steps for every account you want to make accessible by others. Open up a Terminal (Finder ->…